Industrial Map

This is the industrial land class I was tasked to Make for MS Flight Sim. I sourced aerial and satellite imagery from USGS (US Geological Service) and then combined the usable imagery to produce a tile. This one tile was to represent all industrial areas in the world with bias to the US. This represents 3 square kilometers.

This is the preview image I showed my boss for approval.  This has some light color matching already. Some further changes were made after this point.

This map shows something unique to Flight Sim. Since it is so low res when your are on the ground (1 pixel a meter) they have some basic ground textures that are used instead of the normal imagery. It basically increases the resolution so it doesn’t look so bad. This map tells the computer what should be placed in that meter. Green represents deferent grasses the grays represent asphalts. The ground textures have to be paired with what exists in the image map because as you ascend they blend.

This is not how it would normally be seen in game but rather a test of how it tiles: