About Me

Ever since I was little I have been surrounded by aviation. Boeing/ Mcdonald Douglas has been a major employer in my family. My Dad is a pilot, my older brother is an airline pilot and his wife is an army pilot. I even worked at MS Flight Simulator. One of my early endeavors into digital art was for an art contest sponsored by the National Aeronautic Association. I made a digital drawing of our family’s hot air balloon flying with our friends’. I won first place nationally. Naturally it had a really big impact on me, and I kept perusing digital art throwout high school and eventually college.

Since college I’ve worked on all manner of projects, short animations, a tv commercial, video games, photos, programming, and 3d everything. I’m probably best described as a generalist. I’ve spent the most time in gaming working on in some capacity on 16 games, 15 of which have shipped. I love problem solving and new challenges. Video games defiantly deliver that.

Now a days in my spare time I’m learning  programming. At first its just been making tools to help me get my work done in Photoshop. Now I’m making tools no one else is, finding solutions to frequent problems of mine. I think its a lot of fun. I’m trying to pursue this more and become a technical artist, I think I’d damn good at it. I’m trying to get into the UW C++ certificate program and advance my self taught skills. UW is the best, and probably has the most comprehensive C++ courses available, even for comp science degrees. The idea is if I can hack it in C++ then I could probably handle most other languages or scripting when I need to.

If you have PS Filter Ideas or want to give me an amazing job please email me!!: